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Fortiquest Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Fortiquest" journal:
January 12th, 2006
08:32 pm


look read scream.
A - Accent: none that i notice, occasional lapses in to 'darzit'
B - Breakfast Item: food i think...
C - Chore you hate: getting out of bed to let cat in/out
D - Dad's Name: Richard
E - Essential everyday item: my bum bag, contains wallet, phone, keys, work diary, money, bus pass..
F - Flavor ice cream: mint chock chip
G - Gold or Silver?: I can sell gold for more
H - Hometown: Poole, with flashbacks to brownsea
I - Insomnia: wouldn't know, usually asleep at the time
J - Job Title: bus driver
K - Kids: No.
L - Living arrangements: Me, entorien, assortment of small feathered things, thing that claims to be a cat, fish
M - Mom's birthplace: somewhere up north, near manchester i would guess, but don't know for sure
N - Number of significant others you’ve ever had: one
O - Overnight hospital stays: excluding being born, about 10-15
P - Phobia: fear
Q - Queer?: not last time i checked, probably disappointing some people
R - Religious Affiliation: devout agnostic
S - Siblings: two identical half's, i will never admit that i am related to that.. (henry). ;)
T - Time you wake up: depending on work shift, 3am all the way to 11am
U - Unnatural hair colors you've worn: christmas wig is probably the only/nearest
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: cant think of any at the mo, ask judith, she will think of something
W - Worst habit: chewing my tongue
X - X-rays you’ve had: multiple head, one check at customs
Y - Yummy: richards home cooked 'dinner a la fridge'
Z - Zodiac: twinkley things called stars

Current Mood: tiredtired
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January 11th, 2006
12:35 pm


i like this icon i found....


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January 10th, 2006
09:39 pm


get stuffed
based on the success of yesterdays peppers, i thought i would try stuffing potatoes tonight.

Put them in the oven, check your email and LJ accounts (this takes about 45 min)
Then gently "sautee" some mushrooms, the other half of yesterdays carrot, some onion and a few bits of bacon.
While they are cooking begin to cook some courgettes and cabbage.
When your first mix is cooked to your likeing add to a mixing bowl and scoop out the potatoes (putting the innards in with the first mix).
Turn on the grill.
Place the potato skins on a plate and scoop your potato mixture in to the shells. cover with a helping of grated cheese. put under grill,
Panic and remove burnt cabbage from the courgettes .
Serve with singed fingers (getting plate out from grill).


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January 9th, 2006
07:01 pm


my day
to nights dinner

stuffed peppers in a bed of rice.
stuffing consisting of
half an onion,
six mushrooms,
some cabbage
half a carrot,
a handful of kidney beans,
and a couple of things that i have forgotten but on the same lines
oh yea some tomatoes

fried the onion then chucked in the carrot and mushrooms, then after a while added some cream. oops, the frying was done in butter,
the peppers were softened in the rice as they were finishing, and then the bed with the peppers got stuffed then sprinkled with cheese and then grilled till melted.


in other news, started the work in the back garden.
pulled down part of old fence,
smashed through about 6 inches of concrete,
dug hole,
missed next doors sewage pipe,
put in and concreted the first new fence post.
tried to find all tools in the fast fading light.

all in all not a bad day.


need bath, 6 am start at work tomorrow.

Current Mood: goodgood
Current Music: raido 2

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December 26th, 2005
09:46 pm


what do i do??
What do you do when you genually care for someone, but you are finding that the habits and problems they have from an eairler age are causing problemsCollapse )

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November 3rd, 2005
05:16 pm


happy days.
Driving along earlier and see an old lady at the next bus stop. And a flash sports car parked in the middle. I do my job and pick up the lady. In doing this I 'accidentally' end up parked to close to the car and can't pull out. the driver looks up at me and gives me a two fingered salute, (what a plesent start!!) I gesture a generic 'shoo' to let him know what I would like him to do. He then gets out of the car walks up to my window and tells me in on uncertain terms that if I even so much as touch his car he will stove my head in, he then walks back to his car before I can reply...
I get half way to making a phone call when one of my passengers comes up from the back, he shows me one of those leather flip out police stars and tells me that he will sort it out.

I don't know what he said but in a matter of moments the car was moved, and the driver didn't even swear at me when I pulled away...

happy days.

Current Mood: amusedamused

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October 15th, 2005
01:31 am


God bless ABS
I would like to thank the inventor of the ABS system.

Without said device, the bus I was driving earlier would be about three foot shorter and spread over bits of the road.
The buses I drive are not small and carry a fair few passengers, (35 seating and a further 30 odd standing) and this was just after schools out, I had a full load including standing, (70% children).

For those people who don't know, ABS stands for 'assisted braking system' and allows the driver to put his foot fully on the break without the risk of skidding and means that you stop quicker and in a shorter distance. Additionally, on some high tech automatic vehicles when the break is pressed sharply the engine will drop a few gears and then the engine will slow you even quicker.

I was driving along a relatively straight bit of road with no other vehicles around when a camper van appeared a few side roads ahead, it indicated right (so it would end up traveling the other way to me) and i watched the driver look left and right as I was approaching.

when I was one and a half bus lengths away from the junction, the f***ing stupid b*****d starts to pull out! he doesn't pull out straight, he curves towards me and tries to cut of the corner...

thanks to ABS I avoided a collision by about 6 inches, all of my passengers got thrown forward as i lost 28 mph in a bus length (12 ton bus + approx 4 ton of people) As a result of reaction I also was leaning on the horn the whole time...

what does the camper do afterwards? carrys on non the wiser.

I was left with the shakes, and multiple passengers with minor bumps and bruises...

If I did not have ABS i would have ended up partly inside the back end of a camper van covered in glass with passengers all over the place.

Whoever invented ABS


Current Mood: gratefulgrateful

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September 19th, 2005
03:53 pm


captins log
alright mate. [says the young lad getting aboard earlier to day]
can'a 'ave a child ticket to the square?
No, [says I]
why not?
Because you have a cigarette tucked behind your ear.
eh? [finds cigarette and trys to look surprised] don't know 'ow that got there, must 'ave ben put there by some t**t.
Oh yes... [says I] what year were you born?
'm fourteen,
What year were you born?
ah dunno, nineteen eighty,. [at this point I interrupt, I worked out the math months ago nineteen eighty anything, too old for child fares.
Nope sorry full fare I'm afraid [like hell ;) ]
no really i'm 14, I've got a driving license do you wanna see it?

[slap head, snigger lots, rest of conversation lost in silent mirth]

Needless to say he paid full fare.

any one who dosn't believe these sort of things happen on my bus has my full permission to come with me for a day and watch. (provided of course they pay the appropriate fare...)

Current Mood: amusedamused

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September 17th, 2005
12:18 pm


The week ahead..,
there are good things and bad things about driving buses for a living,
you get to work in the dry while watching everyone else get soaked when it rains,
you don't have the same dull view out of your office window (you get several dull views of complete idiot drivers)
you get to meet a variety of people,
if you set your seat up properly you can look at all the girls getting on (whilst they all ask for child fares and fail.)
you get a high percentage of people saying thank you

and you have to suffer shifts...
i have to get up at four ( 4, IV, 2+2, FOUR!) in the morning for the coming week. eesh!

but it is sort of worth it, I get trusted (don't know why) with 12 tons of bus (unladen) valued at a quarter of a million pounds... It can out accelerate some sports cars, has air con, more legroom than most 4x4s, cruise control, private bus lanes, ride adjustable computer controlled suspension, enougth fuel to drive to manchester and back with a full load, adjustable steering controls and a seat that has more adjustments than most rpg character sheets...


i love my job.

Current Mood: gloomygloomy
Current Music: another one rides the bus

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September 12th, 2005
09:28 am


Once upon a time
After some nagging by my dear mother I created an account so I can keep an eye on her.

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