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micavity's Journal

It's me, I don't use or read it though
abandoned tube stations, babylon 5, being silly, being weird, birding, blake's 7, blakes 7, board games, boardgames, books, british humour, brownsea island, budgies, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buses, cartoons, coin collecting, comedy, computer games, computers, conventions, dilbert, discworld, diy, doctor who, dominic deegan, dork tower, dorset, dorset wildlife trust, drawing, dreaming, ds9, dungeons & dragons, dwarves, fans, fantasy, fantasy books, fantasy films, farscape, films, folk, folk music, folklore, fortiquest, fruit, futurama, gadgets, games, gaming, gardening, garfield, geek, giles cartoons, going to conventions, goonshow, gothic, h.p. lovecraft, h2g2, han solo, harry potter, harry potter books, having adventures, hedgehogs, hhgttg, hogwarts, human behaviour, illuminati, internet, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, jedi, jedi code, laughter, lightsabers, london underground, lord of the rings, lotr, magic, monty python, mornington crescent, morrowind, movies, music, myth, mythology, nanny ogg, narrowboats, nature, odd little museums, pbem, pern, pirates, puns, r2d2, ranting, reading, rock pools, role-playing, roleplaying, rpgs, rudyard kipling, sci-fi, sci-fi books, science fiction, secret history, secret passages, sex, sf, sf cons, sharpe, space: above and beyond, spider-man, spike milligan, squirrels, star trek, star wars, star wars rpg, stargate, starships, tabletopgaming, terry pratchett, the simpsons, time team, tng, tv, unintresting tuesday, useless junk, volunteering, walking, wallace & gromit, wargames, wargaming, warhammer, wfrp, wildlife, woodland, woods, worldbuilding, yoda